Still doing jumping jacks?!? Sugarfoot Therapy is going to take you out of your 1950’s PE class and into the 21st century! Whether you’re at an audition or on set, hurry up and wait can be the name of the game so Katie set out to design a dynamic warmup specifically for dancers’ needs in those tough situations. It’ll warm you up quickly, hit dancers’ pain points (like parallel and turnout, correct alignment, upping cardio and body resistance) and you can do it in a small space! Yay! Win, win, win, win and win!

  • Ep. 7 Featured Guest: Kat Burns

  • Ep.7 Sugarfoot Therapy: Dynamic Warmup for Long Auditions

  • Ep.7 Pop Dance Video: Dana Foglia’s ‘Faded’

  • Ep.7 Sanett Insanity: Dancer Vs. Normal Person Eating Out

  • Ep.7 The News: The New New