Dance Liberation Network & NYC Artist Coalition join forces to repeal NYC’s antiquated Cabaret (No Dancing) Law?

Dance Liberation Network and NYC Artist Coalition have announced the Let NYC Dance event, which aims to bring about the repeal of one of the city’s most antiquated laws.

The New York City Cabaret Law, passed in the 1920s, prohibits three or more people from dancing in a club or bar that does not have a proper license and is still actively enforced. The law was created to specifically target black jazz establishments, going so far as to limit permitted instruments to strings, keyboards, and electronic soundsystems, while leaving out the instruments that are a staple of the genre. This regulation, and other stipulations that specifically targeted black clubs and musicians, have since been repealed but the law still remains in the books. Out of more than 25,000 bars and restaurants in the city, only 118 have Cabaret licenses.

A petition created by the Dance Liberation Network is asking for the repeal of the law. “We believe the Cabaret Law criminalizes the act of dancing without providing meaningful additional safety or quality of life measures,” the petition states. “This law doesn’t belong in our city and we are asking our government to repeal it immediately.”

The Let NYC Dance event will take place on March 30 at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn. Sign the Let NYC Dance petition and get more information here.

📸 R: Paula Abdul & Nigel Lythgoe at PDS Luncheon 2016.

Professional Dancers’ Society 30th Anniversary Annual Fundraiser at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Professional Dancers’ Society 30th Anniversary Annual Luncheon is on April 23rd, 2017 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. PDS is non-profit corporation formed to serve the professional dancer, active and inactive and in any medium. They believe that a career in dance has never been easy, and those who choose to pursue the art form should have assistance when the need arises. This year, they are honoring Carol Channing, awarding a choreography award to both Mandy Moore and mother/daughter duo Karen & Natalie Willes as well as a memorial tribute to Mary Tyler Moore, Florence Henderson and Debbie Reynolds. To purchase tickets or to make a donation, you can visit their website for more information, email them or call them at 310.278.5222.

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