Tremaine Dance Convention is one of the longest running, one of the most prolific and one of the most popular dance conventions in the dance industry. They are our proud episode 3 sponsor and we are so grateful for their support.

For Pop Dance Life this is a great opportunity to learn more about Tremaine Dance Convention, and what drives them to continue to demand and deliver greatness to their more than 12 million attendees over 36 seasons.

Keri LaGrand, is a hard working faculty member and Director of the Tremaine National Teen Performance Program.

PDL: How long have you been with Tremaine?

KL: I have been attending Tremaine since I was 13 years old. I worked my way through the ranks first as a dancer, then as an assistant, and ultimately am now a faculty member. I have been teaching for Joe for about 13 years now!

PDL: Wow! That’s an amazing history. You’ve been there awhile and we know that you take on more responsibilities within the convention. What’s your role in addition to teaching amazing classes?

KL: I have quite a few other responsibilities. I am the Director of the Tremaine National Teen Performance Program, which makes me responsible for the accelerated training of about 175 dancers per season. I also direct our faculty show each season. I am responsible for creating it, costuming it, and delegating choreography sections to our faculty members who also contribute to the show.

PDL: What has been the most consistent aspect of Tremaine Conventions and it’s training that you’ve noticed during your time with Tremaine?

KL: I truly believe that the most consistent aspect of Tremaine has been Joe’s commitment to hiring teachers who are interested in the development of the dancers. Joe holds a very high standard for his faculty. Whether it be through motivation, inspiration, or just good ‘ole physical hard work; the students leave the weekend better dancers, and most certainly as better people. In the many years I have been involved with this convention, that commitment has always been consistent and a driving force for Joe and the various teachers who have worked for him. As his adage goes, “Dance Training is Life Training.”

PDL: Why do you think people keep coming back year after year?

KL: I think because they know that the Tremaine Brand is built upon a balance of commitment to quality training and the desire to push the boundaries of dance and choreography. The dancers and teachers know that no matter what, the faculty is committed to the improvement of the dancers and the teachers. Though each faculty member has their own way of approaching it, we all have the common intention of creating smart, artistic and disciplined dancers ready for any career they may choose.

PDL: This year’s theme, the ‘Greenlight Tour.’ What does it mean?

KL: Ah The Greenlight Tour! It means that we are helping to shape your mindset and dancing so you feel like you have the “Green Light” to pursue what ever you want in life! Your time is now… and we want you to believe that you can do WHATEVER you want. There is truly nothing stopping you but your own perceived limitations. Anything is possible with enough vision and hard work so go for it!

PDL: What is the single most important lesson that Tremaine tries to impart to it’s dancers?

KL: Wow.. what a questions! If I had to pick, I would say that one of the most important concepts we try to instill in the dancers is the idea that if you want to succeed, it is not enough to just “show up.” You have to be ready to contribute and be a driving force in the room. No matter what room it is.

PDL: What is the single thing that makes you most proud to be a Tremaine Faculty Member?

Deep in my heart, I am and always will be that young dancer who loves learning and has a passion for movement. Every weekend when I walk on that stage, I remember what it felt like to be a dancer in the convention ballroom. I craved inspiration and truly wanted to be motivated to be better. I wanted to be challenged, both physically and emotionally. Joe Tremaine and his convention has ALWAYS done that for me. It is an honor to be a part of Joe’s legacy, and to be trusted by him to continue his vision.

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